Below is the email response I got from the girl (that I've met once or twice) that oringinally sent me the forward.......................................which just furthers my point! As a matter of fact I DO KNOW that I am a woman. And that "horrible little forward" you got...from ME was a joke...Sorry you didn't like it but be a stand up person and email me directly how you felt about it instead of ranting on your blog. You are really incredible, if you see me on the street you have no problem stopping and making sure I know all about YOUR show going on and on about YOU...but you get pissed off and you can't even confront me. That is pathetic. I have no problem with your opinion about that joke which you find so offensive; what I have a problem with is your utter and total cowardice in not confronting. You mention women being mean to other women....maybe you push their buttons. I have never met someone as dismissive as you. But I imagine if I was someone who could do something for your career, you would not dismiss me so easily.


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