Oh my Gawd... What a night... what a birthday and funny as a i write this "My song is on KTU" "High energy" this guy pugsy who used to be all jacked up on perquisites used to sing this to me growing up. lol  Anyway, yesterday was my birthday and i spent day feilding  emails and calls from tons of people who saw me on the Barbra Walters special. Such kind words about how funny i was and how great i looked. I mean could i be more grateful for all the love????  One of the emails was from my friend who owns a restaurant in the meatpacking district, she said she was jealous that i was going to the Waverly inn for dinner and she was off to the Soho house. I told her i met an adorable advertising guy at the Soho house and dated him for a while her in NYC and in LA.  I get dressed for dinner, in my Jimmy choo boots, my Prada coat and my Bottega Veneta bag and off we go. I got a resi  at the Waverly Inn on account of I know the bartender. Actually i know them both, but i didn't know that until i got there. So, we get there and have to wait a few minutes for our table so we shimmy over to the bar to say hi to the boys.  They make me the fuzziest birthday drink and then these two hot french guys turn to me and ask if i would like an oyster. I have never eaten an oyster before this but i figured what the hell you only live once.  I told them i tried a sardine in the south of France once and they say they are not even close. So they hand it to me and all I can think was "Sue please don't gag on it and throw up on them!" You know how you do that you say f*ck it I'm gonna live out loud. But then you realize it's actually too much for your own inhibitions. (actually I was telling another Friend yesterday about how i did that with some lingerie once lol)  So i down the oyster with  no backlash. The guys start asking me what i do and the bartender tells them I'm an actress and I've been on TV and that I'm funny. All the while they are getting texts from another friend that they are waiting for, so they want to know how they read my blog and such and of course i don't have cards so i write it on napkin which these guys find even cooler. Then all of a sudden the friend shows up and the go to introduce me and she says i know Sue Costello she's a very funny girl. I turn around and it's this magazine publisher that i met at yoga and went to dinner a bunch of times with. And then she asks. does you're boyfriend still own that amazing restaurant?? LOL I replied no more boyfriend and no more restaurant. Then they seat us right beside Harvey Keitel. Who by the way did not show us his ass........... So what I'm trying to say is i should never ever ever spend one second thinking that i don't have a fabulous life!!!  I've come a long way from a little kid with a lazy eye that they used to throw in the middle of the street outside the library in fields corner. Yes the clothes the guys and the fancy stuff is nice but the fact that i can have good feelings and really appreciate it is what i am truly humbled by. I don't want to have a nice life and not see it!!!!!! Believe me I will use all my high energy to remain humbled by it every single second for the rest of my life!!!!