Ok in honnor of full diclosure I can't begin this post without being honest and revealing the inspiration for it. It's the Bachelorette. Okay, so I watch it.  Part of me watches it to nurture the hopeless roamntic in me and the other part watches it for my brain. I like to find the loop holes. I watch it like a detective to see where I'm being dooped and then there is another part of me that watches it purley, because it turns me on.

Okay, now that we cleared that up, this season there was  a guy who a bit agressive (at least that's how the edited it) and in one scene, he told Jillian that she had  a great ass, while touching her inappropriately.

So, they show that scene last night and the audience is pissed...... The host (what's his face) asked the women if it's ok to tell a girl that she has a nice ass and the hiss.

I'm lying on my bed feeling like my enitre world is being rocked.  I have had many guys tell me that I have a great ass and I've liked it. Mind you they weren't touching me inppropriately against my will while saying it)

See the show makes me think. Now I'm thinking that was so set up the way they worded it. The guy even defended himself, he said they had been dating for a month and mind you, the scene was in private, minus the cameras.

She never said "stop talking to me like that or don't touch me."

I sat there in awe that the audience had no problem with her having sex with three guys in one epidode yet "nice ass was way out of line."

I started to go over in my head the guys that have told me that I had a nice ass. They were sexual but always respectful of me. I remember one time asking a guy to talk dirty to me and he asked "how dirty, cause I can get pretty dirty." Lol I responded, "not too dirty." and he laughed and respected it.

Then, another time, I was dating a guy who  left me a message while I was at spinning class. He said I hope you are spinning your ass off, well not off, cause it's a  great ass."

When I was younger guys would refer to me as the girl with the "best ass in Boston."  But that wasn't all they would say. They liked how funny I was and how smart I was and that I was kind.

I used to stay over the" dirty talk " guys house. He would wake up early to go to work and leave me there, and every morning he would leave his Yankee's cap on  his pillow.  I would wake up, laugh and make his bed every time before I left.   He used to sleep on it made, because he appreciated it so much that he didn't want it to go away.  Also, we were on the phone one night talking about Marianne Williamson and he was like "I can't believe how nice it is to talk to you."

And the spinning guy lived in LA so we talked all the time on the phone and he said "sue I have never had conversations like this."

I have no judgement about people and how many people they sleep with but I do for myself. I need someone to respect me and see me as a person and treat me kindly, oh and think that I'm s sexy mutha fuckah:)

I am perplexed by the twisted views of sexuality in this country. It's seems to me to be all or nothing.Everybody is different . Everybody has a right to tell someone what they like and what they don't like. I think that your sexuality is a God given gift to be used to give back to the world, it is not to be used as a weapon.  Exploration is the key to find out what you like. I'm laughing as i write this remembering a time when I opened the door to one of those guys with my lacy short shorts and tank top on and he devoured me.  I told him after, that it was a bit too much for me that I had seen  it on TV so I tried it. LOL it's just wasn't for me. And guess what?  He laughed and that made him like  me even more:)

So just like I watch the show for my heart, my brain and my hopeless romantic I will continue on my venture to see what I like and don't like, using all of me:) and i ask all of you to do the same give back don't use it as a weapon use it to spread the love:)