Hi everybody sorry for the delay we switched servers and i couldn't figure this thing out:) Anyway, I had to mail my taxes this morning and  i nearly had an anxiety attack just from licking the envelopes and, this is the first year I'm getting money back in about ten years so you would think I would be happy. But try as I may i couldn't calm myself down. I made it to the post office with my book and my ipod fully expecting to have to wait for hours. Low and behold there were like 4 people in line. I was psyched. So i went to the little counter with all the labels like a big girl but when i got there the slip i needed wasn't there. The panic got worse, my chest tightened my breath shortened because i knew what this meant: i was going to have to ask an United States postal worker for help. I could feel myself shrinking as i walked up to the window. The woman i approached was waiting on another woman and i politely said "excuse me."  She let out a blood curdling scream that practically knocked me over. NOT NOW!!!!!!!! So being the scared little child that i had become in the four minutes since i entered the post office i scurried away. I went to the inquiry window, where there was a slick Italian guy standing with his shizziil all spread out on the counter. I politely said excuse me to him, he grunted and oh so nicely let me poke my head around him to call for another postal worker to help me. This postal worker told me i had to ask one someone at the window. I politely told him that i had tried to do that and she yelled at me. He told me to meet him at window 10 in a few minutes. Oh i forgot to tell you i had this guy holding my place in line the whole time. Finally i got the slips i needed (which are proof of mailing which is much cheaper than return receipt.) They i walked back to my place in line and again i heard another blood curdling scream "next and only if you're ready" I had only filled out two of my slips at this point but i wasn't going to forfeit my place in line because by now the line had grown to about 30 people. So I walk up to the window to literally one of the nastiest human beings i have ever come across.  She screams, "one at a time!" and throws the first one at me. All of a sudden i remembered that i was a grown woman and not a child, that i was standing there on my own two feet and i felt a strength well up in me. I let it drop and then give her the evil eye and ask "Is that mine?" she knew what the f*ck i was talkin about. It's a respect thing. Dontcha know she handed the other four to me properly. Then as i was leaving I said "have a nice day, I hope you feel better" and that's when her neck started bobbing "what are you talking about I'm fine" and i was like "really hm?' and  i walked out.   Let her sit there and stew and wonder what i meant. You see in the past, i would've gotten into a whole thing with her and let her dump her aggression on me cause believe me she was just waiting for someone. Either that, or i would try to save her by being all nice but this time.... I showed her who's boss, i was like mam you left a package on my doorstep and it needs to be returned to sender.