People who don't think they are worth it to stay and show up for themselves and for life.  This brings to mind that song from "Chicago" Mr. Cellophane. That song always makes me sad. When he sings about how people can see right through him. But why is that? People look through people who have nothing inside.

I was thinking today how any person that is not worthy to be in my life, will eventually take themselves out of the game.

I don't have to do anything but show up and be graceful and that grace will shine the light on the cellophane.  I don't even have to exert myself and the other person will leave. It's amazing.

The hard part is not stooping, because someone with nothing inside will try to take what you have inside and share it. They will try to pull you into the negative, to muddy the waters, so you can't see clearly.

I have always told me friends, that the person who is more uncomfortable will leave a room first.

Usually that person is the one who is at fault. But the key to all of this is being able to stay still long enough to let it happen.

It's kinda of like playing chicken while you are driving a BMW and the other person is driving a 1970's beat up pick up truck, with the spare tires attached.

You know who will win, but only if the BMW stays straight and narrow on the road and doesn't waiver, no matter how out of control the pick up truck gets.

omg Jive talkin just came on as I'm writing this.

So appropriate...."trying to take  away my energy"........

The idea is to hold on to your own energy and allow others to find their own.

I read recently that kids are not developing empathy in their brains because of technology.

Before all this tech stuff if two kids were playing and there was an uncomfortable moment one of the kids would reach inside and pull out something to help the two of them get out of it.

Nowadays they just text.......

I'm asking everyone to try to go inside, see if you have enough empathy to ask yourself to rise above it. and in doing so you are generously asking someone else to become solid...........