Last night i had the urge to walk around the reservoir. My friend was dropping me off after dinner and I asked him if he wanted to come with but he had to go home for a conference call. I usually never walk it at night on account of fear. Well, last night I was like screw it I want to go so I'm going.

I feel  like the walk brings me closer to God, but last night proved to be more spiritual than any other walk.

It was almost dark so the sky was a deep blue. The water was completely still and the view of the city was breathtaking.

But most of all, there was a full moon. The fullest moon I'd ever seen.

As I made my way around the reservoir I tried to be aware of my body and tried to be in the moment to feel this simple, free, pleasure.

As I walked around the track I thought about how the whole setting looked like a work of art.

I remembered my friend once telling me that you don't have to just look at art, you can feel it. So as I walked through the parts that were well lit I felt open an free and not aware of my surroundings.

But as I got to the darker points I found my body closing down and fear setting in. I would scan the area to make sure no one was in the bushes and that  there were people around me should trouble arise.

Then I noticed that at one point it looked as though the moon was behind me and then I walked a little further and it was ahead of me.

That walk was such a metaphor for life. I was scared at first but I did it anyway. First  it was ligh and then it was dark and then light again.  Then as I continued on, my perspective changed but the gratitude in my heart stayed the same.

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