I was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday and there was so much anxiety there. This particular store is always like that. I get the sense that the workers get abused by the management. Also, it's a store on the Upper East side of Manhattan to be exact. Lots of really wealthy people shop there.

I always wonder if that is where the anxiety comes from. You would think that it would be a much calmer place to shop because they don't have to worry about how much they spend on food.

Which has been boggling my mind lately. The fact that food is so expensive is literally killing people in this country. Oh what the hell food in general is killing people.

To little, too much, the chemicals. It's CRAZY to me, because food and water are the 2 things that we need as human beings to survive.

Anyway, I'm in line at the express aisle and this old woman was standing behind me. Her husband came along and screamed at her "you're in the wrong aisle, can't you read?!" and she turned and followed him shaking.

Then there is an old guy in a wheel chair screaming "get me outta here" and of course, all the rich ladies start giving him looks. So, what does his aid do? she leans down and hugs him; which to the naked eye, looks like a nice thing to do.

That aid should have taken him out of the store.

he was the only one with any reason in that God damn place. He just said what we were all thinking, and that aid was hugging him to stifle it .

Because really, what would happen if everyone turned and agreed? If everyone in that store said, " you're right." Get us out of here!  Life is too short to payt oo much for food and to be abused while doing it.

The the whole fiber of this facade would fall apart, that's what would happen.

the workers couldn't hate the rich people, the rich people couldn't act better than.  We would all have to face the harsh reality of " How the fuck did our world turn into this? and I would like a hug, but a real hug, not one to squeltch me."

But no that's didn't happen because people think that it would be too much to handle to much reality. But the reality is that it would be a lot less painful than what we are already doing. I mean really, if it was working, at least somone would be happy.

Since I know I can't change the world I just turned to the woman behind me who had her hands full and asked if she needed help.

We got to talking and she told me that she needs to stop putting so much pressure on herself, that her husband would survive if he didn't have his banana's in the morning.

Then, she proceeded to tell me about a article that she read where a doctor suggested that you make a to do list everyday and then remove one thing.

It makes sense why not set yourself up to succeed, if you don't list it and you get it done then you feel even better about yourself. And id you don't get around to it you are not disappointed.

Living within our means both monetarily and humanely.