So, I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to write about my gratitude. Last week, I walked on stage and I felt fine. I walked off stage and I had a cold. I was sick all week and I'm finally feeling better. There is nothing like feeling better after being sick. Makes me so grateful for my health.Yesterday I went to my firends birthday party and there was a Frank Sinatra cd playing. "New York, New York" I told my friend that we used to sing it at every wedding growing up. We would form a line like the Rockettes and kick and sing. This morning while sitting feeling my gratitude I thought about that. I wanted to move to NYC. I did. I wanted to be on TV and in movies. I am. I wanted to write a show about my life and perform it . I am I wanted an apartment with a view of the water in NYC. I got it. I wanted to feel like myself inside and be able to express it without taking someone else down. I'm doing it!!!