Yes it's true, i'm a very good bowler and a great dancer but when it comes to singing not so much. But funny, Gawd am I funny.  Sunday night before the guy approached me on the street I was with my friend. We had just gotten back from the Hamptons, which btw, i have any mixed feelings about. It's a bit much for my taste. It feels just like the city and all the showing off bores me, i feel like lot's of it so about the outside instead of being true from the inside.  But Sat night as i walked on the beach in East hampton with the moon shimmering on the water i couldn't help but think that there has to be a God. I really felt it and aprreciated it.  Anyway, as we were driving out, that song by Whitney Houston came on. "I believe the children are our future" and Iremembered how much I loved it when I was younger. So, as i was walking from the car i began signing it at the top of my lungs (very bad singing) so you would think people would be annoyed. Well low and behold we walked by one guy who laughed so hard then a girl and another. So even though i can't sing very well it still brought lots of people joy. But ,when i am good at something watch out. Last night my friend had a bowling party for her birthday and there were about 30 people there. I was the highest scorer for the women. I think it's the music that makes me bowl so well, I love it! And my friends daughter, i love her too. She's 13 and she's so smart and funny. At one point while she was taking candid shots of me bowling i told her that this one shot was a representation of my career. I almost got a strike and she jumped for joy. Then i asked her if she was my daughter would she listen to me. (I've always had this fear that because i'm small i would have this big kid who would never listen to me.) She says "sue if i were your daughter I'd prob be small too and many powerful people were small um, Napoleon."  She so cute i can't take it. And then my other friend Allison showed up a bit stressed so i gave her a dance show. She was shocked that i could dance the way I do. Growing up in Boston that's what we did to express out sexuality, so you can imagine that coupled with years of yoga how my hips move. LOL My message for today is "i believe the children are our future, small people can be powerful too, and the hips don't lie so loosing up the butt cheeks and STOP SHOWING OFF AND FOR CHRIST'S SAKE HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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