The first is a bill collector and the second is a camera person for a reality show. I was thinking about both of those jobs last night. The bill collector because one of my friends called me so shaken because she had just gotten off the phone with one. She had called to try to make a payment arrangement on a card that had already been shut off. The woman was so rough with my friend that she gave her best friends phone number and now she was terrified that they would start to harass the friend. She was in a shame spiral by the time she got to me.

Don't get me wrong: I think people should pay their debt, but I don't think it's that simple. I just look at what happened on Wall Street and think they didn't have personal shame about the fact that they swindled the American people by enticing them with the so called "American Dream" and then lent them money that they knew they would not be able to pay back. No, they were not ashamed — in fact, they demanded that the government bail them out for their mistakes. And the government did, with our money. As I'm typing this, I'm literally laughing out loud. I'm thinking it's no wonder the Europeans think we’re dumb.

The credit card companies essentially did the same thing: gave credit to people they knew would not be able to afford it and then charged tremendous interest on top of it.

Now, the way they think they are going to get their money back is by shaming people and emailing them at work. Ummm they could lose their jobs if you do that, then they will have no moolah to pay you back, stupid.

This goes back to my theory that Bullies are stupid. They actually fuck themselves. A person would be more apt to pay back the money if they were treated with respect and by respect, I mean with words and actions. The credit card companies could take some of the responsibility and negotiate with people, especially people who call to make a payment plan. Imagine waking up every day and your job is to scare and shame people that are probably already scared and filled with shame?

When I hung up from my friend and turned on BRAVO, there was a new show on about a couple with 7 kids. I'm sure a lot of what comes across on the TV has to do with editing, but they have to have the footage in order to edit it. The husband was lying to his wife right in front of the cameras. I thought, Here's a divorce waiting to happen. Then I thought, Who would want to shoot this? Who would want to get that close to a family with small children who have no say in the matter and invade their privacy like that?

Call me crazy but I think the world needs to slow down a bit. We need to stop and think about what we are doing and how it's affecting people. Just ask yourself, Why do I do what I do for a living? I know the answer will oftentimes be, "Money" but I don't buy it. Money doesn't make you happy and if you’re doing a job just for the money, you’re not living to your full potential because if you did something that you loved, something that added to the world, you would probably make even more money. I ask you to ask yourself: Am I doing my job because it’s a way to secretly discharge some of my own aggression? Do I have some repressed resentment about my life that I am not expressing? Do I have debt myself as I'm shaming this other person? What if someone videoed my life? Would I be any better? If you can't find it in your hearts to care about yourselves, the big people, care about those little ones. They don't have a shot. They will just grow up as resentful and un-nurtured as the rest.

Tonight do one thing for someone without telling anyone it will make you feel like a million BUCKS!