Its 11:01 am and i just Pledged the entire apartment.  One of the good traits my Mum bestoded on me. I'm getting ready to go to yoga and I have been wrestling with the question "why are we here if we're all going to just die in the end anyway?"  I mean you try to be a better person......... and then your dead, you get an education... and then your dead......etc. I don't mean this to be morbid, i just don't think i have ever roconsiled it in myself. I just re acted to the beliefs of my family and now I am searching to find my own. I think I've spent my whole life secretly afraid of it, so i figure, why not adress it? Why not go right at it then maybe i can truly live?  I mean isn't that the whole purpose of the ego? To avoid the fact that death is the end all for all of us??  The ego keeps us from love and humanity which could be the whole reason that we're here? Death and age are such taboo realities but we're all going to get there, all of us. So tell me, how the hell did they scare us about the one thing that is going ot happen to us all? ... Rich or poor, black or white, girl or boy, gay or straight...... Just a thought...... I would love to hear your thoughts about why you think we are here. Hugs,