I love me some ART. It inspires me so much! The ICA had a pork rind with the words doy fe meaning by my will I attest inscribed on it. Gabriel Kuri saying he does what he wants! Like DuChamp with the toilet or Banksy with Mr. Brainwash. Imagine if it was that easy to say "I'm worth it."

I attest by my will that I'm worth it and your whole world turns on it's axle? I just started to learn about art, like 6 years ago. I was really intimidated so I asked my friend to teach me about one artist at a time. I saw Basquiat in LA. The wall description said his work was all about the tragedy of the unrealized human potential and I almost fell on the floor crying.

Then I went to the MOCA and saw a short film of Picasso. It was right when film had just come out so it was measured by feet. He was sitting in his underwear painting and the director was telling him to "Hurry up" and I thought, Ha! Even Picasso has to deal with others trying to push his art for their benefit.

Then I was in London at a billionaire’s house and I was looking at his paintings. He saw me, came over and asked, "Do you know who that is?" I said, "Yeah, Picasso."