Last summer I was on my friends gorgeous sail boat. It was 90 degrees out and we stopped to swim. Immediately I went downstairs to put my bathing suit on and as I was changing, I heard the others talking about whether it would be cold or not, or if there were sharks in the water.

As I listened to them talk something came over me, an urge. There are lots of times in life that we are supposed to suppress our urges because they are socially unacceptable. But there are also lots of times that we suppress urges that would cause us to be free and experience pure, unadulterated fun.

This was one of those times. I had the urge to run up the stairs and jump off the side of the boat without stopping so I did it — cold and sharky water and all.

The second I hit the water everyone on the boat leaped in after me. Some even still had their clothes on.

Later, one of the guys on the boat pulled me aside and said that it was one of the most spiritual things he'd ever experienced.

Simple as that: I jumped, they followed, we all had fun.

Spirituality — try it.

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