Hi there everyone! So, I re-vamped the site and it took me a minute to figure out all the passwords. But hopefully I'm all squared away to let my thoughts flow. Chin up, Heart open :)

I was in LA for a bunch of weeks over the past couple of months and I met some big Hollywood people, went to some fancy dinners and got lots of accolades, but the thing that sticks most is my exchange with my friend’s 12-year-old son.

We will call him "Precious" because that's the nickname I gave him. Precious read me four of his creative writing stories and one of them started with a kid who had a Mom and a Dad who lived in the same house, and he wrote "which was very unusual now a days." Precious has a Mom and Dad that love him very much, but they never married and don't live together.

After he read me his stories, we had a private yoga lesson, and then I asked Precious to take me to Culver City because I had not seen it since they did it over. As soon as we started walking, he saw an art gallery and said, "Sue let's go in here, it's the only cool place around."

While in the art gallery, I asked him if he wanted me to take him to a museum while I was in LA. He said, "Yes the Getty." The next day we went to the Getty and if you want to read the rest you'll have to come back tomorrow...

Here's a little tease: The fact that I can say that I was in Los Angeles and wasn't so consumed with fear, that I actually saw another human being and may have even helped, is a miracle in and of itself.