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I have been talking about the middle class feeling disenfranchised since 1998. Colin Quinn was quoting my show Costello the other night - verbatim. 20 years later. I did the best I could as a young woman with so much pressure and so much sexism. I did great. They would have had me go to the rich guy’s house but instead I brought him to mine and showed how much it provoked. The "suits” didn't get that I was not trying to be better because that is what they do. Ha! I was writing about them and they let me on TV! I got another show for them and this time I AM WICKED CLEAR. This is so deep. I wrote a show about them oppressing us 20 years ago and they let me on TV but I let them sway me a little but still got there. This is what the whole brand #IamSueCostello is about. How we need each other and we can’t dispose of one without hurting ourselves. I need the corporations to get exposure and they need the middle to buy their products. DAMN they told me back then that I couldn't be pretty, funny and smart.  Sexism is still alive and well but guess what — I ain’t playin anymore. This is part 1 of 3 "Sue Dates a Freakin Dentist.” 

I Wasn't Trying To Be Funny- Brooklyn, Sat Feb 1st

My show goes up again here's the link for tix and some quotes from the press!!

"Most people don't have the charisma, the stamina or the anecdotes to sustain an uninterrupted 11/2 hr show alone. Costello does it sans props, costumes and music" Boston Metro

"Sue Costello's one woman show inspires and amuses" Boston Metro

"As a performer, Sue Costello is energetic and fearless" Boston Herald

"This is the life story everyone from her psychologist to the producers of her Fox sitcom tried to get her to curtail.” Boston Herald

“It's the flipside of Costello's stand up act -- too brutal and frank to be disposable as a night of jokes." Boston Herald

"What they may be surprised about is how Costello turns a life that was a mess into a creative performance." Patriot Ledger

"Costello rivets the audience with a comics gift for delivery and wit and an actress' skill with emotion." Patriot Ledger

"In the part comedic performance, part-raw emotional saga Costello proves quite a character." Boston Metro

I'm sick :(

I just wanted to make sure I kept up my end of the bargain by making sure I blog but DAMN I am sick :( This is the second time in two months that i I've been this sick. It probably has to do with all the NASTY that was thrown at me this weekend. I had spots at New York and Broadway Comedy clubs and by midnight on Sat night I was really feeling under the weather and some guy in the front row told me that he couldn't stand me. I mean in a really disgusting way. So, I stopped and told him to go wait in the bathroom while i was on, because by all means ,I didn't want to offend him. The crowd went crazy it was like a stand off from a old western movie. And guess what... he didn't leave. Nobody puts baby in a corner :) Money for the babysitter, $100, tix to see sue z c $20, operation to rebuild penis PRICELESS

day 2

Okay, its a day before showtime and i get really anxious because I do everything. I literally carry my set in a bag. I send out all the emails and everything. I must say, it's the scariest and most rewarding thing I've ever done. I really get the power that can be found in humility. I never knew how much peace it could bring, and in turn I share it with you and you share it back with me :) So come see my little show ,and tell two friends, and i we will bring a little more peace into this world one show at a time. Hugs :)

It's Costy bitch

I am up and running again, and going to blog about what it's like to produce, direct, write and star in your own one woman show. Let me start with thanking everyone who has come out so far. Especially those of you who have come back again and again. The show has been growing slowly and the only bump in the road was Valentine's Day.. No one showed up. Lots of people said they were coming, but i guess when faced with the possibility of being seen in public alone on Valentine's Day it was too much for most. So if it's a test of my strength, sitting alone in a space with no audience and no Valentine has only made me stronger :) I mean that's what the show is all about Keep on keepin on :)