I'm on a kick this week a kick i shouldve been on a long time ago.  I remember after my sitcom got canceled i was distraught by the level of sexism I had incurred. I really thought i had not experienced it in my career up until that point. But as I sit here now I realize that the whole reason I left Boston so quickly was because it was such a boys club. There were woman there who had been doing stand up for twenty years who were complaining about how hard it was. So instead of turning into that, i packed it up and moved to NYC. Where in just a few years i was on my way to t.v stardom.  I remember being on the set of my show this older director who was a man, said to me "jeese I didn't have Mercedes by the time I was 25." And the guy who played my Dad who i fought to get on the show the network didn't want him had a hissy fit daily because he couldn't take that such a young woman was the star. That couple with the executive producers cornering me telling me not to be a bitch because i didnt' want to turn into Rosanne?? ROSANNE?? You mean that woman who had one of the most successful n lucrative sitcoms in the history of television? When I was back in NYC after the show was cancelled I went to a women in comedy seminar. Led by Judy Gold and Suzie Essman. I raised my hand and said that rather than pretending that sexism doesn't exist and trying to turn into men. Why don't we admit to it and find a way around  it. Needless to say Judy and Suzie screamed bloody murder at me and no-one listened.  So, here it is years later and i still work as a stand up but not nearly as much as i used to. The reason being, I took my self esteem out and fluffed it up and put it back in.  I started to say that the way i was being treated in the clubs was unacceptable. And by unacceptable i mean, being slapped on the ass by a drunk comic at the comic strip as he exited stage, only to have him physically attack me when i got off. Now they had a new booker who is a "mystery" and if you question anything you are verbally abused. The manger at Rascals in New Jersey told me the only way i would get my check is if I took off my top. The new booker at the Laugh Factory whipped the phone out of my ear when i was mid conversation about a scheduling mishap. I've killed at Carolinesthe whole 4 times I've ever been there and i call and call and yet the stage is still filled with men. Gotham is a joke,  I headlined there last year and when i didn't get paid on time I questioned it and was immediately told my services were no longer needed. I contacted the real owners of Gotham, the owner of the  Improvs and they paid no attention. I used to work at Stand up New York all the time and did so well there one night i got a hundred dollar tip. They got a new Booker and i was off the schedule when i enquired about that i was told the owner has more important things to do than worry about me. Dangerfield's same thing you literally get harassed by the waitstaff before you go on. And i worked for the woman who books the club in Connecticut only to find out that she was skimming more than half the pay the club was giving her, and when I questioned her same thing, my services were no longer needed. The laugh lounge the owner pretends to be "pro woman" and when i asked for my spot to be changed one night she said she couldn't accommodate me because a man had to go on last. Also she ran her shows 20 minutes late and I set boundaries and again same old story my services are no longer needed.  The guys get to show up whenever they want......................... and the craziest thing is i have more credits than most of them. The most blatant example of how these owners think it's okay to treat people (women) like shit is that i have emails and proof to confirm all of this but the never thought in a million years that i might feel good enough one of these to actually tell someone. Why would they i took it for years. Well, I can finally admit to all of it because i have taken my own advice and admitted to the sexism and gone around it. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're not being oppressed. Now everybody better watch out cause there's a new sheriff in town, and she's a woman and proud of it:)

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