I fell asleep last night watching a medical show about the human heart. They were doing a study on these people who had heart conditions that could cause them to go into cardiac arrest at any moment and die. I lie there thinking, imagine having to live like that? Then my next thought was, we all do. We all live like that, every day, but we pretend not to. There was one guy who had a defibrillator implanted in his chest right below his heart. So, if he were to go into cardiac arrest, the defibrillator would shock him back to life.  One of the doctors was commenting on the progress they have made in terms of understanding the human heart. He said in the past they never would have thought the heart could withstand such and invasion. He said that the study of cardiology was a relatively young process. That it wasn't until the 1930's did they begin to discover potential of the human heart. He said not until they started to remove shrapnel from peoples hearts did they notice how incredibly strong a muscle it really was.  I thought, we have all had shrapnel in our hearts at one time or another. We have all gone through shocking our selves back to life after having our heart broken. And we keep going, some of choose to shut it down and some of us choose to open it up and see the potential. If we chose to shut down because someone has hurt us, then the hurt wins, our fear becomes so heavy that we curl over and turn in animals, non speaking entities, isolated.  But never really, because we are the only animals who carry our hearts on the front of our bodies. It is our duty as human beings stand up and show our hearts so we can allow other to, so we can save the ones who can't save themselves. I am blown away by the power of saving a human life and how much each person means. I was watching that guy lying on  the table thinking look how  much care he is taking of himself so that he doesn't die and then my brother Jimmy came to mind. Ten years ago he was drunk driving and got pulled over by the cops. He was driving on a suspended licence, so, when the cop went to run his licence, Jimmy took off.  He ended up flipping his van and was lying dead on the side of the road. The cop chased him and came to and intersection, he could go north or south. He remembered that Jimmy's van had a south shore address on it, so he went south. He found Jimmy lying there, dead and breathed air into his lungs. Jimmy died again and when the firefighters showed up someone said, "he's dead, forget it" and the firefighters said "let's try one more time." They did, and they saved Jimmy's life.  So for any of you out there thinking its over and  you can't try one more time, don't underestimate the strength of that muscle we call the human heart.

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