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we're so white

I am lmao right now. I wish i had a video camera so i could documnet the exchange between myself and my friend Nancy.  I am sitting working on my computer and she on hers. All of a sudden i get and email from a gentleman named Curtiss. He says that he wants me to come to Chicago because he wants to rack with me. I ask Nancy, who is younger than me, what that means and she says he wants to play hide the salami with sue z c. And i say "no" then i go back and forth, is it rack? in the rack or in the sack?" at which point Nancy's sighs and says go to urban dictionary., where we find that Curtiss indeed wants to rack with me which means play hide the salami. Curis needs to take number because there is a long line at that deli.

Its tax time and i regress

Hi everybody sorry for the delay we switched servers and i couldn't figure this thing out:) Anyway, I had to mail my taxes this morning and  i nearly had an anxiety attack just from licking the envelopes and, this is the first year I'm getting money back in about ten years so you would think I would be happy. But try as I may i couldn't calm myself down. I made it to the post office with my book and my ipod fully expecting to have to wait for hours. Low and behold there were like 4 people in line. I was psyched. So i went to the little counter with all the labels like a big girl but when i got there the slip i needed wasn't there. The panic got worse, my chest tightened my breath shortened because i knew what this meant: i was going to have to ask an United States postal worker for help. I could feel myself shrinking as i walked up to the window. The woman i approached was waiting on another woman and i politely said "excuse me."  She let out a blood curdling scream that practically knocked me over. NOT NOW!!!!!!!! So being the scared little child that i had become in the four minutes since i entered the post office i scurried away. I went to the inquiry window, where there was a slick Italian guy standing with his shizziil all spread out on the counter. I politely said excuse me to him, he grunted and oh so nicely let me poke my head around him to call for another postal worker to help me. This postal worker told me i had to ask one someone at the window. I politely told him that i had tried to do that and she yelled at me. He told me to meet him at window 10 in a few minutes. Oh i forgot to tell you i had this guy holding my place in line the whole time. Finally i got the slips i needed (which are proof of mailing which is much cheaper than return receipt.) They i walked back to my place in line and again i heard another blood curdling scream "next and only if you're ready" I had only filled out two of my slips at this point but i wasn't going to forfeit my place in line because by now the line had grown to about 30 people. So I walk up to the window to literally one of the nastiest human beings i have ever come across.  She screams, "one at a time!" and throws the first one at me. All of a sudden i remembered that i was a grown woman and not a child, that i was standing there on my own two feet and i felt a strength well up in me. I let it drop and then give her the evil eye and ask "Is that mine?" she knew what the f*ck i was talkin about. It's a respect thing. Dontcha know she handed the other four to me properly. Then as i was leaving I said "have a nice day, I hope you feel better" and that's when her neck started bobbing "what are you talking about I'm fine" and i was like "really hm?' and  i walked out.   Let her sit there and stew and wonder what i meant. You see in the past, i would've gotten into a whole thing with her and let her dump her aggression on me cause believe me she was just waiting for someone. Either that, or i would try to save her by being all nice but this time.... I showed her who's boss, i was like mam you left a package on my doorstep and it needs to be returned to sender.


I am Carrie Bradshaw

Oh my Gawd... What a night... what a birthday and funny as a i write this "My song is on KTU" "High energy" this guy pugsy who used to be all jacked up on perquisites used to sing this to me growing up. lol  Anyway, yesterday was my birthday and i spent day feilding  emails and calls from tons of people who saw me on the Barbra Walters special. Such kind words about how funny i was and how great i looked. I mean could i be more grateful for all the love????  One of the emails was from my friend who owns a restaurant in the meatpacking district, she said she was jealous that i was going to the Waverly inn for dinner and she was off to the Soho house. I told her i met an adorable advertising guy at the Soho house and dated him for a while her in NYC and in LA.  I get dressed for dinner, in my Jimmy choo boots, my Prada coat and my Bottega Veneta bag and off we go. I got a resi  at the Waverly Inn on account of I know the bartender. Actually i know them both, but i didn't know that until i got there. So, we get there and have to wait a few minutes for our table so we shimmy over to the bar to say hi to the boys.  They make me the fuzziest birthday drink and then these two hot french guys turn to me and ask if i would like an oyster. I have never eaten an oyster before this but i figured what the hell you only live once.  I told them i tried a sardine in the south of France once and they say they are not even close. So they hand it to me and all I can think was "Sue please don't gag on it and throw up on them!" You know how you do that you say f*ck it I'm gonna live out loud. But then you realize it's actually too much for your own inhibitions. (actually I was telling another Friend yesterday about how i did that with some lingerie once lol)  So i down the oyster with  no backlash. The guys start asking me what i do and the bartender tells them I'm an actress and I've been on TV and that I'm funny. All the while they are getting texts from another friend that they are waiting for, so they want to know how they read my blog and such and of course i don't have cards so i write it on napkin which these guys find even cooler. Then all of a sudden the friend shows up and the go to introduce me and she says i know Sue Costello she's a very funny girl. I turn around and it's this magazine publisher that i met at yoga and went to dinner a bunch of times with. And then she asks. does you're boyfriend still own that amazing restaurant?? LOL I replied no more boyfriend and no more restaurant. Then they seat us right beside Harvey Keitel. Who by the way did not show us his ass........... So what I'm trying to say is i should never ever ever spend one second thinking that i don't have a fabulous life!!!  I've come a long way from a little kid with a lazy eye that they used to throw in the middle of the street outside the library in fields corner. Yes the clothes the guys and the fancy stuff is nice but the fact that i can have good feelings and really appreciate it is what i am truly humbled by. I don't want to have a nice life and not see it!!!!!! Believe me I will use all my high energy to remain humbled by it every single second for the rest of my life!!!!


the gal in the glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self and the world makes you queen for a day,just go to the mirror and look at yourself,and see what THAT gal has to say.For it isn't your husband or family or friend whose judgement upon you must pass; the gal whose verdict counts most in your life is the one staring back from  the glass.Some people may think you a straight-shootin' chum and call you a  person of place,but the gal in the glass says you're only a bum if you can't look her straight in the face. She's the gal to please,never mind all the rest,for she's with you clear up to the end,and you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test if the gal in the glass is your friend. You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years and get pats on the back as you pass, but your final reward will be heartaches and tears if you've cheated the gal in the glass.       Anonymous

home is where the hahhhhht is

So, it was Easter weekend and i didn't need to go to church to hear about hope beacause i was living it. My boys from Boston came down for the day on Saturday. One of the guys is truly one of my best friends and  when i say he's done me a few solids that's an understatement. When i need him to show up for me he shows up. The reason being is one, he loves me, but two, because a few years back he found himself in a little place called prison. His family had disowned him because he was out of control. His Mom happened to  read in the paper that he was in prison and sent a guy to talk to him. That guy told him he didn't have to live like that and vouched for him in front of the judge, he spoke about my friend in way that no-one had ever done. He said that my friend had a hope in his eyes and need to change. He was released from prison and never looked back. A singel act of kindness made him change his life.  We had a great day, we went to yoga, then to BlT burger then in a spontaneous act, we decided to surprise another friend of ours who was celebrating his birthday at Foxwoods. We drove for hours and walked into what they called the "Asian room" ( c'mon their from Boston Lol) and when our other friend saw us he was ecstatic. I haven't witnessed pure joy in someones face like that in a long time. Because that's how we roll. We got each others back. When people see us together they say "I wish I was from where you guys are from" and it makes me feel proud and sad at the same time. Because we're like a bunch or war vets. We all made it out alive and are so filled with gratitude that we can't help but pay it forward because we know when you have nothing a single act of kindness can change your life. Now if that isn't a story of resurrection, I don't know what is.

bear sterns $2 welfare priceless

For those of you who don't understand how a company like Bear Sterns could collapse over a weekend and it not affect the economy let me simplify it for you, fancy welfare. The Federal government comes in and saves them so it doesn't affect the entire economic flow. They do it all the time with these big hedge funds. But how do these companies get in this position to begin with??? The gamble and take huge risks and fail, and we the people have to pay for their reckless behavior. Isn't that exactly what happens with welfare? The only difference is is that those guys on wall street represent America in a a good way and welfare represents America in more distasteful way. So in order to save face JP Moragn comes in and capitalizes on the fall of the company. The stock was worth $30 at the close of business on Fri and sold  to JP Morgan for $2 a share on Mon. Because, if the company went into bankruptsy the world economic structure would be rattled.  It's already rattled people it's jsut another band aid. Now JP morgan will move into a building that is worth the equivalent of $6 dollars a share.  I am just floored by the similarities that are going on between the rich and the poor in our nation yet is seems that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.  The whole mortgage scam is causing poor people across the country to loose their houses. They took a risk but no-one is coming in to save them. Then you have Macklowe who is having the same problems. Here is this real estate mogul who owns some of the most expensive real estate in the city. His pride and joy is the building on 57th and 5th. This guy was so sly in negotiating that deal that he even negotiated some of the profits from the mac store below. But, he personally signed a loan for millions of dollars thinking full well that he would be able to re finance but unfortunately because of the mortgage problems he can't, so he's being forced to sell his pride and joy. Did I mention that this guy went through Manhattan years ago in the middle of the night and knocked down a bunch of welfare hotels without permits.  Maybe there is hope maybe this is natures way of making things right. Maybe when the rich start being affected things will change. It's like the world is bottoming out. Everybody is exhausted by the status quo maybe we need a moral shake up and subconsciously the guys at Bear Sterns are paving the way.  Maybe it does need to get ugly in order for things to change. Someone better send Jaime Diamond a memo. Hell is freezing over. 

happy st patricks day

Costello is Irish, not Italian! It's from the Spanish invasion, half went to Italy and half went to Ireland. And I know, it breaks the vowel rule. I have all the Irishness to prove it, from the alabaster skin, to the great gift of story telling.  As far as my love of alcohol goes, it's just a memory for me. This morning i woke up remembering how drunk i used to get on St Patrick's day. As teenager we would get someone to "run" for us on Sat night and then hide the beer in someones basement. I would be up and out by  9:00am and drunk by 11:00 and making out with Micheal Gannon by 4:00pm. Today I'm happy to report that today I didn't need the alcohol to get me up and i definitely dont need it to make out!!!!!!!!!!! If only Michael Gannon were here!

girls on girls

It has come to my attention that some of my comrades are shooting a cover for Vanity Fair, shot by the acclaimed photog, Annie Leibowitz. Sounds exciting right? Wow, funny women on the cover of Vanity Fair! Could it be true? Could the nation finally be coming around to the fact that woman are funny? That was my first reaction and then that quickly turned to sadness. Chelsea, Tina, Wanda, Sarah, Amy and a few more are doing a full on spread making fun of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lindsey Lohan, Britney, Pam Anderson, and Naomi Campbell. All talented and very troubled. There was an article in the New York Times a few weeks ago about how the paparazzi chase women and leave the guys alone.  Now the girls are doing it to each other.  I mean Wanda is hilarious, Sarah has managed to bust through the male dominated Comedy central and Tina and Amy are the new Adam Sandler and the boys, Chelsea is doing what they said could never be done, a woman in late night. And somehow someone has wrangled them all together to take other woman down. And they even got a woman to shoot it.  I know it's enticing Vanity Fair is prestigious mag and everyone needs publicity right? But why when these woman are so awesome does it have to be only if they are taking other woman down?  It's a cheap shot, I mean Britney could die, Amy Winehouse the same, then who will be laughing? It's not a fair fight when you kick someone when their down. We've all been billuied at some point. I know how hard it is in this business to have integrity but it s' when you have the power that you can exert it the most.  Billy Jean King Fought with her life to get woman equal pay and there was one guy who opposed her every step of the way. She held her dignity. Even when a different guy chastised her trying to get her to play him she said no, because she knew it would demean her and all that she was trying to do.And then, one of her European colleague's said she was going to play him, she didn't put her down publicly she just told her not to loose. And guess what? she did loose, so what did Billy Jean King do? she still didn't talk shit, she stepped up and played him. She walked on the court and realized that the event was going to gross a tremendous amount of money. Then she saw that the guy who vehemently opposed her back in the day was one of the commentators. She put two and two together; without her they had no match and without the match they had no money. So she firmly used her leverage and said either he goes or I'm not playing. And the announcer was removed. She wasn't a bitch. She was a strong, confident woman who held on to herself and  knew exactly when she had the power to say no.  I think you can be loving and funny at the same time.but there can be no love without integrity. And believe it or not, I think you can stand up for yourself without taking others down. You can take up space and leave space for others as well. Even in Hollywood, let me rephrase that, especially in Hollywood.